Monday, 17 December 2007

Lemmings - FM Towns II / FM Towns Marty

Game Info
Format : FM Towns II/Marty
Media Format : CD-ROM
Released : 1993
Developer : DMA Design
Publisher : Sunsoft
Original RRP : TBC
Players : 1-2
Controls : Mouse/Joypad
Max Lemmings : 100
Levels : 120

The FM Towns version worked on both the FM Towns II home computer and FM Towns Marty console using a joypad or via an added mouse.
These shots were taken from ebay auctions as its the only place I've seen them, though at the silly prices (£120+) they are listed at I think they will be staying there a while!
Lemmings FM Towns / Marty Box, Manual & CD-ROM

Another shot of the FM Towns Boxset

Check out this video of the FM Towns version!

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