Saturday, 22 December 2007

Lemmings - Sony Playstation Portable

Game Info
Format : Sony Playstation Portable 
Media Format : UMD 
Released : 9th Mar '06 (JP) 10th Mar '06 (EU) 23rd May '06 (US) 
Developer : Team 17 
Publisher : Sony 
Original RRP : £34.99 
Players : 1 
Controls : D-pad 
Max Lemmings : 100 
Levels : 156

The platinum re-release came out on the 11th Feb 2009.

EU Version - Box Front, Back, Insert, Manual, UMD

US Version - Box Front, Back, Insert, UMD, Manual
JAP PSP Box Art (left) EU Platinum Budget PSP Box Art (right)

These bottom two pictures are from the alpha version from 2005, notice the bottom bar is more like the original than the finished version is.
Check out this video of the PSP version!

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