Sunday, 19 April 2009

Lemmings Comparisons

Welcome to Lemmings comparisons, the page where we compare like for like on different hardware to which which versions come out on top.
They have been divided into sections, as comparing 8-bit versions against 16/32-bit versions isn't very fair! Comparisons of each version include Graphics, SFX, Music, Controls, and Overall features. The newer PS2/PS3 and PSP versions aren't included due to radical changes and timeframe since original versions released.

8-Bit versions - NES / Master System / Spectrum / CPC / C64 / Sam Coupe
16-Bit versions - Amiga / Atari ST / PC DOS / Mac / Megadrive / SNES / PC Engine CD / CDTV / CDi / X68000 / FM Towns II
32-Bit versions - 3DO / PS1 / CD32 / PC Windows / Archimedes
  • Semi Final 1 - 3DO VS PS1 - Coming Soon!
  • Semi Final 2 - PC (Windows) VS Archimedes VS CD32 - Coming Soon!
  • 32-Bit Final - Coming Soon!
Handheld versions - Gameboy / Gameboy Color / Game Gear / Atari Lynx


Tiago said...

Very good comparisons here!

Cristo said...

Please do the 16-bit comparisons. I'm really interested in the outcomes for the Amiga vs. Atari ST vs. IBM PC MS-DOS versions.

While I wholefully support the IBM PC version, your opinion is the one I'm waiting for. Thank you so much. Looking forward for the final result.

Jay said...

Thanks for your comments, I've started the 16-bit comparisons fyi!

J Waughtal said...

hey can you start doing the 32-bit comparisons?