Sunday, 25 January 2009

First Handheld Game Scans!

I finally took the time out to get some scans done, edited, uploaded, it all takes a while so please excuse me if I don't do more scans every weekend! Anyway I thought I would concentrate on the handhelds firstly, so below is the first 5 titles I've scanned and photographed, all pictures and Info have been added to each respective game page, enjoy!

Lemmings 2 - Nintendo Gameboy - EU Version

Lemmings - Sony Playstation Portable - EU Version

Lemmings VS - Nintendo Gameboy Color - Japanese Version

Lemmings - Nintendo Gameboy - EU Version

Lemmings - Sega Game Gear - EU Version

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Latest Update

Ok, I've added a Lemmings by format page so its easier to see what formats had what Lemmings games, so instead of visiting each Lemmings game to find what format had what game, its now listed in one easier to view page with links included.
You can view this page on the post previous to this or long term on the right hand bar under 'Other Lemmings Stuff'

I've also been busy on a Lemmings Price Guide which has been a pain to update at work cause it slows the old work PC to a crawl being a converted Word document also quite large in size, but anyway I'll hopefully have it up next week.

Latest buys from myself include a very rare complete Game Gear version thats winging its way to me now, my US 3DO version arrived last week, I also forgot to include my PSP version in the photos for some reason, my next targets are a complete US Game Gear/Amstrad 6128/Xmas Lemmings.

Lastly I know I keep promising scans on my collection soon, when I get started you won't stop me! Its just been busy after Xmas with birthdays etc, I'll try to get the ball rolling in the next week or two, don't worry though I'm still working on the site, so If i go quiet for a couple of weeks I'm still here but working on 3-4 different pages at the same time so nothing seems to get update on the actual blog!

That's all for now, keep checking back every week! Thanks, Jay....

Lemmings By Format

Every Lemming game arranged In order of the format the game was published on;
Click each Lemming game Image to see more on that game on that particular format.

8-bit Machines Amstrad CPC -
Commodore 64 -
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) -
Sam Coupe -
Sega Master System -
Sinclair ZX Spectrum -
16-bit Machines
Apple Macintosh Classic -
Atari ST -
Commodore Amiga 500 -
Commodore Amiga 1200 -
Commodore Amiga CDTV -
FM Towns II / Marty -
PC Engine Super CD-ROM2/Turbo Duo -
Philips CDi -
Sega Megadrive / Genesis -
Sharp X68000 -
Super Nintendo (SNES) -
32-bit Machines
3DO -
Acorn Archimedes -
Commodore Amiga CD32 -
PC (Windows) -
Sega Saturn -
Sony Playstation -
Other MachinesArcade (Unreleased) -
OS/2 (Unreleased) -
Sony Playstation 2 (+Eyetoy Version) -
Sony Playstation 3 (Network Download) -
Handhelds Atari Lynx -
Mobile Phone -
Nintendo Gameboy -
Nintendo Gameboy Color -
Sega Game Gear -
Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) -