Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Sony to release new Lemmings port on Playstation mobile later this year!

Yup, finally Sony have announced that Lemmings will be coming to all Playstation mobile platforms later in 2012, these include Xperia Play, PS Vita, Sony Tablets and phones, Asus, Wikipad and all other Playstation suite devices.
It's not yet known if its a straight port of the PSP or PS3 release, but I contacted Team 17 recently and they denied they were working on any new Lemming games, so it could just be a straight port of the code, or of course it could have been developed by a different development team.

More news when it becomes available.


Daniel Hall said...

d3t are the Lemmings Playstation Mobile developers.


Jay said...

Thanks, I've added a new post to reflect this info.