Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Lemmings Playstation Mobile released tomorrow!

I've been in contact with the developers of a new port of Lemmings that's hitting Playstation Mobile devices (Sony phones, tablets, PSVita, other Android devices with PSM) here's what I've been told:

Hi Justin,

Some great news for you – Lemmings PSM is due for release tomorrow (Wednesday 5th December, 2012) on the PSM store.

It’s great that Lemmings fans new and old will be enjoying the game on a whole new range of devices.

I can confirm that we have taken the PSP version of the game and introduced touch screen controls which are perfect for the title, resulting in a fantastic gameplay experience that I’m certain will thrill.

All the best,


Great news here, I'll be adding screenshots and details later.

Update: I've been sent some screenshots to share with you guys, as you can see its pretty identical to the PSP version, which is no bad thing as the graphics looked very nice on that.

Update 2: New preview video added on youtube.

Also news on price the initial download is free, but to unlock the harder levels is £1.99, and the special levels are 79p, still with these options it's a chance to pick up a great version for very little money!


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