Sunday, 2 November 2014

November Book Update

Hi guys, I just thought I'd update you with the latest news regarding the upcoming book.
Things are progressing very well, since I announced the book to the public five weeks ago I've been putting in alot of hours to get it finished and I'm glad to say It's nearly complete! I'm just waiting on a couple of things to add in at the last minute, but this month I'm mainly checking and touching pages up, with a deadline set for the 28th November for any last minute content, before the first proof copy gets ordered on the 1st December.

It's finally all coming together, and I'll look forward announcing everything about the book and more besides on the 14/2/15 when it goes live on Kickstarter!

For now, here's a little time-line image i put together to show what time-frame i hope to get the book out to you guys.

Finally, I've roped in another member of the original DMA Design team for the Interview, bringing it to 3 members now!


Friday, 26 September 2014

Lemmings - The Ports Book Coming Soon!

As some of you may know today, the 26th September 2014 is the 25th anniversary (26/9/89) of the first ever demo disk of the game that we know and love Lemmings...

So what better way to celebrate than to announce the imminent arrival of a book called 'Lemmings - The Ports' which will hit Kickstarter early in 2015. Today's announcement is just the first part of the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Lemmings between now and the 14th Feb 2016.

The book release is the second part of the celebrations, and will have a special 25th Anniversary logo ablaze the cover, along with a few pieces of merchandise which will be given away as perks with the launch of the book.

 (Many thanks to Darren Doyle for the book render)

This book has been a long time coming for me! I've been working on it since January 2013, so it will be 2 years effort on and off to finish and get it published. There's been some good days (speaking to the DMA guys, getting developer quotes), some bad days (days spent tinkering with some obscure Japanese emulators just to grab a few screenshots!) and a few design changes along the way, but I'm glad I rode it out and I'm certain it will be well worth the effort when its finished in a few months time.

The book has been designed from scratch from the ground up, so hardly anything from the blog has been used, as the images were too low resolution/jpeg quality (the book uses 99% png for high quality images). All the game information has been double checked and updated for the book as their were a few mistakes on the blog, and all new write up's have been added to each and every port.

Here's some more Information regarding the book;  
  • 300 Pages -  full colour throughout.
  • Hardback Edition 8.5" x 8.5" (21.6cm) Square. 
  • PDF Version available too.
  • 100gsm Quality Paperstock
  • 30,000+ Words
  • 1,000+ Screenshots
  • 100+ High Quality DSLR Box Shots. 
  • DMA Design Interview - Mini Interview with 3 original members of the DMA Design team.
  • Level Map/Sprite Images - hundreds of images of level maps with level names along with sprite bank pages.
  • Official Ports - every official game port with game details, review scores, screenshots, boxart etc
  • Unofficial Ports - from well known to obscure machines, a detailed look at the homebrew Lemmings scene.
  • Comparisons - compares the features of each version of Lemmings.
  • Merchandise - examples of what official memorabilia was sold 'back in the day'.
  • Canned Lemmings - details and screenshots of cancelled versions.
  • Industry Quotes - from people within the gaming industry with their thoughts or memories of Lemmings.  
  • Timeline - lists the timeline of every Lemmings release date.
Finally I've thought long and hard, and I've decided this Kickstarter campaign if successful, will be the only order of the physical book i will make, so it's truly a collectors item from one batch, no reprints will be made, something I believe is what Kickstarter is all about, so don't miss out when the campaign begins early next year!

I'll be posting the Kickstarter link here as soon as it goes live on the 14th Feb 2015. So mark that date in your diary and start spreading the word!

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