Saturday, 23 August 2014

Announcement Incoming

You might have noticed the countdown timer on the left, its counting down to the release of something Lemmings related, and next month I'm going to announce something special for Lemmings fans, that also explains the lack of updates to this blog and the future of it.

Stay tuned and return on the 26/9/14 with Interest!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Little Big Planet Lemmings Costumes!

Ok so its not a Lemmings game story, but if you have the latest LBP games you can download the Lemmings costumes for a eye popping £2.39!

Take a look here.

Surely must mean the long awaited Lemmings Touch can't be far behind?

Friday, 2 May 2014

Unofficial Lemmings - Atari 8-Bit - Lemmings

Game Info
Format : Atari 8-Bit XL/XE (Tape & Disk)
Released : 1998 (Tape) / 2005 (Disk)
Developer : David Spilka
Publisher : Datri Software (Tape)/ Kandal (Disk)
Original RRP : tbc Czech Republic
Players : 1
Controls : Keyboard
Max Lemmings : 1
Levels : tbc
Resolution : 160x192

This version is actually based on Xmas Lemmings...

Title screen / In-game

In-game screenshots

Unofficial version by Datri Software

Unofficial Lemmings - Atari 8-Bit - Tommingi

Game Info
Format : Atari 8-Bit XL/XE (Disk)
Released : 1997
Developer : Tomek Borygo
Publisher : Mirage Software Ltd
Original RRP : tbc polish
Players : 1
Controls : Joystick (Supports ST mouse)
Max Lemmings : 1tbc
Levels :
Resolution : 160x92?

Tommingi was released as shareware for the Atari XL/XE range,

Preview in a Polish magazine.

Title screen / loading screen

In-game screenshots

Unofficial Lemmings - Atari 8-Bit - Lemmingi

Game Info

Format : Atari 8-Bit XL/XE (Disk)
Released : 1997
Developer : Dariusz Kociuba/Miroslaw Niepokoj
Publisher : Orion Software
Original RRP : Polish PD Release
Players : 1
Controls : Joystick/Keyboard
Max Lemmings : 40?
Levels : 22
Resolution : 320x192?

Title screen / level select / In-game

In-game screenshots

More In-game screenshots