Monday, 22 December 2008

Lemmings - OS/2

Game Info
Format : OS/2
Media Format : CD-ROM
Released : Never /Demo version 8/1/96
Developer : Focus Studios
Publisher : Unreleased
Original RRP : N/A
Players : 1
Controls : Mouse
Max Lemmings : 100
Levels : 120

Only a demo exists for the OS/2 version, which can be download from this link.
This would have also like the Windows version contained both Lemmings and Oh No More Lemmings in one pack.

Note the different layout and new icons for the control panel
Image courtesy of Lemmings Universe

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Unofficial Lemmings - Texas TI-89/92/92+

Game Info
Format : Texas TI-89/92/92+
Media Format : Download
Released : 14/09/00
Developer : Alejandro Paz Schmidt/Stephan Effelsberg
Publisher : N/A
Original RRP : N/A
Players : 1-2
Controls : Numeric Buttons
Max Lemmings : 10
Levels : 7-10?

Specs - Texas TI-89
Memory RAM: 256k
CPU: 10-16 MHz
Resolution: 160 x 100

Specs - Texas TI-92/92+
Memory RAM: 128k/256k
CPU: 10 MHz/12 MHz
Resolution: 240 x 128

TI-92/92+ Versions

TI-89 Version

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Unofficial Lemmings - UIQ2/3 Smartphones

Game Info
Format : UIQ2/3
Released : 2004/5 (UIQ2) 30/09/07 (UIQ3)
Developer : 'Someone'
Publisher : N/A
Original RRP : N/A
Players : 1
Controls : Stylus
Max Lemmings : 100
Levels : 120
Resolution : 208x320 (UIQ2) 240x320 (UIQ3)

List of compatible smartphones

UIQ2 Phones - Sony Ericsson P800/P900/P910, Motorola A920/A925/A1000/M1000, Benq P30/P31, Nokia 6708, Arima U300/U308
UIQ3 Phones - Sony Ericsson P1/M600/P990/W950/W960/G70G900, Motorola Z8/Z10

UIQ2 - A 100% port of the original Lemmings.

UIQ3 Version

Monday, 15 December 2008

Unofficial Lemmings - Java

Game Info
Format : Java
Released : 0.79b (10/8/08)
Developer : Volker Oth
Publisher : N/A
Original RRP : N/A
Players : 1
Controls : Mouse
Max Lemmings : 100
Levels : 120

You need the original Lemmings (Windows version) game for this to work.
Basically it will run on any platform where Java is installed (Windows, Mac, Linux).
System Requirements:
800mhz+ CPU
256MB+ RAM
800x600+ Resolution

Lemmini Control Panel

Lemmini Running On a Mac

Lemmini Running On Windows

Here is the link to get the download from and more about this version;

Friday, 12 December 2008

Unofficial Lemmings - Pocket PC (WindowsCE)

Game Info
Format : Pocket PC (WindowsCE)
Released : 8/11/06 (1.1.4)
Developer : Jacco Bikker/Kendal Redturn
Publisher : N/A
Original RRP : N/A
Players : 1
Controls : Stylus/Gamepad
Max Lemmings : 100
Levels : 120
Resolution : 240x320

Here's the blurb on this version;
  • Original look and feel
  • Grayscale and color support
  • Preference adjustment (key and sound)
  • Stylus control
  • GamePadTM controller support
  • Background music and sound effects [enhanced for Sony/ARM devices]
  • Fluid animations and player control
  • Ability to load in custom level packs
  • Full support for VFS, storage for packs, insertion, removal of cards
OS: PPC2002/PPC2002PE/WM2003/WM2003SE/WM5

Latest PPC version title screen/B&W version

Original version by Jacco Bikker

A Jornada 720 conversion from the PocketPC source code. The resolution of this version was 640x240.

Another version has popped onto the Internet called Pocket Lemmings for Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1 (Latest version 5/8/08) though seems to have a few compatibility Issues between hardware.
The game itself contains all 120 levels from Lemmings and all 100 levels from oh no! though to avoid copyright Issues you need the original graphic files from the PC DOS game in order for it to run.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Unofficial Lemmings - DHTML

Game Info
Format : DHTML
Released : 1/8/04 (v1.28e)
Developer : Crisp
Publisher : N/A
Original RRP : N/A
Players : 1
Controls : Mouse
Max Lemmings : 100
Levels : 40

A remake of Lemmings written entirely in Javascript, the author recommends a fairly recent browser, though this was in 2004, so anything above IE5.5, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera etc will support it no problems.
CPU requirements are of 500mhz+ but i would say above 1 ghz in order to keep the framerate up without stutters.
The game so far only covers 10 levels on each skill rating, so 40 levels are complete so far. Players are given a passcode after each complete level ala the original to carry on where they left off.
You can try this version out for yourselfs at this address;

Some of the in-game control icons

Level graphics
Essentially what this version does is overlays the sprites and exits onto the backgrounds creating another layer into the game which blacks out when digging or adds more when building.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Unofficial Lemmings - Commodore Plus/4

Game Info
Format : Commodore Plus/4
Media Format : Disk Or Cassette
Released : Never!
Developer : S.Tamas/K.Csaba
Publisher : N/A
Original RRP : N/A
Players : 1
Controls : Keyboard
Max Lemmings : 60+
Levels : 120

Important to note even though its listed here and has been programmed to a playble status, the software has never been released to date, hopefully one day they will release it to the public even in its current form. The development started around 1993, it's not fully known when the last development was made on it.

Title screen and Intro picture

In-game screenshots

Running on emulator (left) level graphics (right)

Sprite animation

Monday, 8 December 2008

Lemmings Revolution - PC (Windows)

Game Info
Format : PC (Windows)
Media Format : CD-ROM
Released : 28/4/00 11/5/00 11/04/06 (Re-release)
Developer : Psygnosis
Publisher : Take 2 Interactive
Original RRP : £29.99
Players : 1
Controls : Mouse/Keyboard
Max Lemmings : 100
Levels : 102

Originally due to published by Psygnosis in late 1999/Early 2000 the decision to pull out of software for the PC market by the owners Sony, meant the game was destined never to be released, though luckily for us Lemmings fans Take 2 Games bought the rights to the game and published it the following spring on PC, there were rumours of a Gameboy Color, Nintendo 64 and Playstation versions, even to the point of retailers listing the items, though possibly down to overall poor sales it put pay to these releases.

Xmas Lems DP / Lemmings Revolution PC CD Euro Re-Issues
Xmas Lems Double Pack Front & Back / Lemmings Revolution Cover & CD
EU original large box with manual and jewel case

US Box Art Front, Back & CD-ROM

Lemmings Revolution gameplay video.