Sunday, 29 November 2009

New Lemtanic DS Lemmings Level!

Been working on this one a while, and trying some new techniques out, I'm rather proud of this one, have some other levels I'm working on including a Sonic and Halloween, yes I know... it will be ready in time for next year!

Name: Lemtanic
Number Of Lemmings: 100
Save: 50%
Rating: Tricky
Download: Lemtanic

Sunday, 1 November 2009

New Lemmings Blog DS Level!

I've finally gotten around to tinkering around making new levels for the DS version of Lemmings, this one I've added today is called Lem To A Tee and it's a special Lemmings Blog level, i would say its a medium difficulty level, so download and have a go!

I've also updated the Xmas Winter Walkabout level, as some of you may have noticed there was a error in the level meaning you had to rescue 145% of all lemmings, a simply impossible task!

The updates have been added to the DS Levels page here.

Finally, I've just noticed the site has sometime in the last couple of days gone through the 10,000 barrier! Thanks for continuing to visit the site!