Saturday, 26 February 2011

Lemmings Box Set Pictures Added

Some new pictures uploaded, these are all 'set' pictures

Lemmings 2

EU ST Disk / EU PC Disk / EU Amiga Disk Versions

All New World Of Lemmings

EU PC Disk / EU PC CD Boxset Versions

Oh No! More Lemmings

EU Amiga Disk / EU PC Disk / EU Mac Disk Boxset


EU ST Disk / EU Amiga Disk Versions

Xmas Lemmings 1993

EU Amiga Disk Version

All pictures have been added to their respective pages on the blog.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Handheld Comparison Final!

The semi's were pretty one-sided affairs, but the best two versions clash in the final, who will walkaway with the best handheld version award? Find out below!

All present and future comparisons can be found on our Lemmings Comparisons page also present on the left hand menu bar.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

New Handheld Comparison Part 2!

Ok after yesterday's first semi, it's time for the second semi-final of the handheld Lemmings comparisons;

All present and future comparisons can be found on our Lemmings Comparisons page also present on the left hand menu bar.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

New Handheld Comparison

Well It's been a while since the last comparison (the 8-Bits) now its turn for the handheld systems to go head to head to see which handheld has the best version of Lemmings.

All present and future comparisons can be found on our Lemmings Comparisons page also present on the left hand menu bar.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Lemmings running on iphone!

Last June, Aaron Ardiri ported his own PalmOS version of Lemmings to iPhone, webOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows in about 35 hours. Here's a video of the iPhone version in action.

Though sadly this will be the closest you will get to actually playing it, as Sony the copyright holders sent the developer a ceast and disist order meaning all development stopped immediately, no surprise at all really with this one, it's still an active IP, and even releasing it for free on the app store wouldnt hold any weight with Sony!

Whilst it's graphically spot on the original, the clumsy touchscreen 'finger' controls wouldn't be fine enough without a stylus, I think the Nintendo DS version is safe for a while as the best unofficial version out there!

Game Info

Format : Apple iPhone/Ipod Touch/iPad
Media Format : Digital Download
Released : N/A
Developer : Aaron Ardiri
Publisher : N/A
Original RRP : N/A
Players : 1
Controls : Touchscreen (fingers)
Max Lemmings : 100
Levels : 120

iPhone footage of Lemmings

This page has been added to the unofficial Lemmings page.

Saturday, 5 February 2011

More Lemmings Boxshots & Videos!

Another update, today I've added a few more pictures and aload of Youtube videos.

All New World Of Lemmings / Lemmings Chronicles Pictures

EU PC Disk Version Front, Manual & Disks

US PC Disk Version Front, Back & Manual/Disks

EU Amiga Disk
  • It's also unclear an US version of the Amiga version ever got release as no evidence to say otherwise has surfaced as yet.
  • Added some Youtube videos of different versions of Lemmings on each respective page, so you can see for yourselves how they compare.
More will follow...

Wow an update!

Yes i know its been a long time since the last update! Hey life goes on I suppose....but I guess you kinda knew this wasn't a news site, just a Lemmings ports resource site!

But anyway I'm hoping to add missing box and media/screen shots to complete whats missing, along with more comparisons this year.

Here's whats been added today;

Have added my thoughts on the Arcade version of Lemmings, along with exclusive pictures you wont find anywhere including the two player mode and spritesheets!

Lemmings Revolution Picture and Info

Original EU Lemmings Revolution box set Image.

There was also a Nintendo 64 version that was planned but was canned along with the PS1 and GBC versions.

Lomax Pictures
Lomax PS1 Japanese Version Front & Back Covers
JAP version Inside & Disc / Front & Back Covers

Lemmings Paintball Pictures

Lemmings Paintball PC CD Euro Original Box / US CD-ROM (Right)