Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Unofficial Lemmings - Atari 8-Bit - The Brundles

Game Info
Format : Atari 8-Bit XL/XE (Disk)
Released : 1993
Developer : A chip special software
Publisher : KE SOFT
Original RRP : tbc
Players : 1
Controls : Joystick, Keyboard, ST Mouse
Max Lemmings : 80
Levels : 100
Resolution : 160x192

Mini Review:
The first thing you notice upon loading is the music, it's all different, of course being an official Atari release but not official Lemming release, meaning everything bar the gameplay had to be changed, but the game itself is essentially Lemmings all bar the name, anyway back to the music, tracks include 'flight of the bumble bee' and other classical pieces, and whilst they are quite good in themselves it would have been good to compare to the originals. The graphics considering the technology it's being played on are quite good, colourful, although the animations are very basic of course seemingly moving a frame a second, but it's very impressive with the amount of Lemmings being displayed on-screen at once, I've only seen 60 so far but I've been informed it's up 80 on some levels! All in all it's a very good effort, being pretty playable even with the keyboard, and most of the levels are recognisable too!

Fact: There was also a Brundles Editor released allowing design and saving of your own levels.

Brundles Disk Set

Title screen and loading screen

In-game screenshots

Watch The Brundles In Action!